Einstein Copilot for Tableau: Accelerate Analysis with AI

Kristin Adderson
January 25, 2024 – 11:21pm

Tableau has been on the journey to help people see and understand their data for over two decades. Thanks to data analysts, this mission has been a success and will continue to be a success. Data analysts are the backbone of organizations that champion data culture, capture business requirements, prep data, and create data content for end users. 

Data analysis and data-driven decision-making have been part of the vocabulary in organizations over the years. And, while data analysis is one of the most in-demand tech skills sought by employers today, not everyone in an organization has “analyst” in their job title—myself included. Yet, so many of us use data daily to make informed decisions.

The rise of generative AI presents a significant opportunity for us to bring transformative benefits to analytics. Businesses are eager to embrace generative AI because it can help save time, provide faster insights, and empower analysts to be even more productive with an AI assistant—freeing analysts to focus on delivering high-quality, data-driven insights. 

But before any of this can happen, a lot goes on behind the scenes. That’s where Einstein Copilot for Tableau comes in.

What is Einstein Copilot for Tableau?

Using generative AI and statistical analysis, Einstein Copilot for Tableau is able to understand the context of your data to create and suggest relevant business questions to help kickstart your analysis. A smart, conversational assistant for Tableau users, Einstein Copilot for Tableau automates data curation—the organization and integration of data collected from various sources—by generating calculations and metadata descriptions.

Einstein Copilot for Tableau can fill data gaps and enhance analysis by creating synthetic datasets where real data is limited. Einstein Copilot helps you anticipate outcomes with predictive analytics that simulate diverse scenarios and uncover hidden correlations. Additionally, generative models can bolster data privacy by producing non-traceable data for analysis. 

Fulfilling the promise of generative AI, Einstein Copilot for Tableau presents an efficient, insightful, and ethical approach to data analytics. Think of it as an intelligent assistant integrated into the Tableau suite of products to make everyone successful in their analysis workflow—whether they’re an experienced data analyst or a data explorer.

Accelerate insights from data with ease 

Tableau has thousands of features—and with Einstein Copilot’s in-product assistance, you ask questions using natural language, and from data prep and writing calculations to formatting worksheets and dashboards using your company brand guidelines, Einstein Copilot automates many time-consuming, repetitive tasks—increasing analyst productivity and speeding time-to-insights.

Einstein Copilot Tableau Calculation Assistant
Calculation Assistant in Einstein Copilot for Tableau.

Jumpstart data exploration

Einstein Copilot for Tableau is a great tool for both data-savvy end users and data professionals. With the help of Einstein Copilot, you can ask more in-depth questions about the data insights without having to know all of the technical aspects of Tableau. 

In the worksheet, a set of recommended questions based on the data source’s metadata makes it easy for users to start analyzing their data. Einstein Copilot’s step-by-step guidance also helps new data professionals learn how to use Tableau effectively—with an opportunity for both novice and experienced users to increase their learn by doing. 

Einstein Copilot for Tableau

Improve viz and dashboard quality through prescriptive guidance 

With Einstein Copilot for Tableau, you can leverage built-in visual best practice guidance, allowing you to format visualizations using simple natural language prompts and reduce complex and time-consuming tasks.

One of the most critical aspects of Einstein Copilot for Tableau—a human is always involved in the process. This ensures that any proposed responses are thoroughly checked before they are accepted. Whether you’re exploring data or creating dashboards, you can be confident that assistance is available every step of the way. 

Because Einstein Copilot can generate calculations in a matter of seconds, it’s easier than ever to perform complex analyses and add fields to your data source—on your own or on the fly. From suggesting prompts relevant to your data and using best practices to create dashboards to exploring data and uncovering insights faster, Einstein Copilot for Tableau is the generative AI-powered assistant that opens up a world of possibilities for working with data. 

Einstein Copilot for Tableau is built with privacy, security, and accuracy top of mind. Future updates will include Pulse Metrics generation, Slack integration for sharing insights with others, and adding more context to insights before sharing them.

Einstein Copilot for Tableau will be generally available in Summer ‘24 with Tableau 2024.2. If you’d like to participate with the pilot, fill this form for the pilot in Spring ‘24.

Check out the demo for how Einstein Copilot for Tableau can transform your analytics.

Einstein Copilot for Tableau

January 29, 2024

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Author: Harveen Kathuria