Oracle Extends AI Across Its Stack With New GenAI Cloud Features

Organizations are struggling to find ways to deliver GenAI successfully. The key challenges to GenAI deployment include difficulty in integrating GenAI solutions with the existing tech stack and customizing the LLMs to meet the requirements of internal operations. Oracle, one of the world’s premier enterprise software and cloud solutions companies, might have just found a solution to these challenges. 

With the announcement of its Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) GenAI service, Oracle is one of few companies that is taking a full stack approach to enterprise AI.  The OCI GenAI service is a managed and cloud-hosted platform that enables enterprises to seamlessly integrate LLMs into various use cases. The service is available in multiple Oracle Cloud regions, and can also be accessed on-premises via the OCI Dedicated Region platform

Oracle OCI GenAI service allows enterprises to leverage the latest advancements in GenAI technology including LLMs from Meta Llama 2 and Cohere. The new capabilities include flexible fine-tuning options, improved GPI cluster management experience, and multilingual support in over 100 languages. 

According to Ritu Jyoti, group vice president, Worldwide Artificial Intelligence and Automation Research Practice and Global AI Research Lead, IDC, “With a common architecture for generative AI that is being integrated across the Oracle ecosystem from its Autonomous Database to Fusion SaaS applications, Oracle is bringing generative AI to where exabytes of customer data already reside, both in cloud data centers and on-premises environments.”

As Oracle extends AI across its stack, customers can benefit from not needing to move their data to a separate vector database. This helps simplify the process of deploying generative AI with their existing business operations. 

The OCI GenAI service, which is available in beta test, uses retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) techniques to fine-tune generative AI models so they can provide much more contextualized responses. In addition, the RAG agent enhances enter search capacities so users can find the most up-to-date information. 

AI-as-a-Service is offered by several cloud providers, but none offer an experience as deep and broad as Oracle’s. The strongest competition in the category comes from Microsoft with its Azure AI and Copilot offerings. The advantage of Oracle is it has integrated GenAI into every layer of its stack, which is built on high-performing AI infrastructure. This helps integrate GenAI companies into the existing range of cloud applications and databases. 


While Oracle has a long way to go to match the overall GenAI offerings by other big players in the market, such as Google and Amazon, the flexible deployment options offered by Oracle OCI GenAI service could make it more attractive to many enterprises. 

The launch of the new service is the next step in Oracle’s strategic move towards greater utilization of AI technology and various Oracle offerings. The database giant has already established itself as a key player in the infrastructure space, with a multi-year agreement with Microsoft and NVIDIA to support explosive growth of AI services. 

The OCI GenAI service has set the stage for AI solutions that put the customers’ needs first. Organizations can use Oracle’s new service to not only accelerate AI adoption but also derive tangible business value from it. While 2023 was a year of GenAI planning and extermination, with the launch of more advanced services, such as Oracle’s OCI GenAI service, 2024 could be a year of seeing some ROI in AI. 

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Author: Ali Azhar