Analytics and Data Science News for the Week of March 22; Updates from Databricks, NVIDIA, Power BI & More

Solutions Review Executive Editor Tim King curated this list of notable analytics and data science news for the week of March 22, 2024.

Keeping tabs on all the most relevant analytics and data science news can be a time-consuming task. As a result, our editorial team aims to provide a summary of the top headlines from the last week, in this space. Solutions Review editors will curate vendor product news, mergers and acquisitions, venture capital funding, talent acquisition, and other noteworthy analytics and data science news items.

Analytics and Data Science News for the Week of March 22, 2024

Alteryx Acquisition by Clearlake and Insight Partners Now Closed

The transaction was previously announced on December 18, 2023 and approved by Alteryx stockholders on March 13, 2024. Alteryx is now a privately held company and its common stock has ceased trading on the New York Stock Exchange.

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Databricks Deepens Partnership with NVIDIA

Together, Databricks and NVIDIA will optimize data and AI workloads on the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform. The collaboration builds on NVIDIA’s recent participation in Databricks’ Series I funding round.

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DataRobot Adds NVIDIA Tech to AI Platform

DataRobot announced that its enterprise-ready AI solutions will be supercharged with NVIDIA technology to offer world-class performance, security and efficiency across the full AI lifecycle. This new collaboration with NVIDIA accelerates AI use case delivery.

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Dell’s New Lakehouse is Powered by Starburst Analytics

This latest offering from Dell, a fully integrated data platform built on Dell hardware with a full-service software suite, helps modernize an organization’s data platform and operations. By utilizing Starburst’s query engine, data processes are streamlined.

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Exasol Finds AI Underinvestment a Dangerous Game

In partnership with Vanson Bourne, an independent research firm, Exasol surveyed 800 senior decision-makers as well as data scientists and analysts across the U.S., U.K., and Germany to assess enterprises’ data and analytics initiatives, including their top challenges and how they are planning to address those challenges in the short-term (within two years).

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Kinetica Launches AI-Powered Real-Time Inferencing Tool

Peter Wang was named Chief AI & Innovation Officer and will lead Anaconda’s new AI Incubator. The AI Incubator will serve as an internal research and development group dedicated to advancing Python performance in AI workloads and supporting the company’s competitive advantage.

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Oracle Releases Java 22

Java 22 (Oracle JDK 22) delivers thousands of performance, stability, and security improvements to help developers increase productivity, drive innovation, and accelerate growth across their organizations. These include enhancements to the Java language, its APIs and performance, and the tools included in the Java Development Kit (JDK).

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Power BI On-Prem Data Gateway for March 2024 Released

This update brings the on-premises data gateway up to date with the March 2024 release of Power BI Desktop. This version of the gateway will ensure that the reports that you publish to the Power BI Service and refresh via the gateway will go through the same query execution logic/run-time as in the March version of Power BI Desktop.

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Does Target Really Know I’m Pregnant? New Episode of Information Risk with David Loshin Now Live

In this episode, David examines the reputation and potential regulatory risks businesses face when using predictive analysis and gets into the ethics of using customers’ data to improve marketing techniques. What is the value proposition for predictive analysis? How can companies better articulate their goals in a mutually beneficial way?

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Solutions Review Set to Host Amplitude for Exclusive Spotlight on March 27

With the next Spotlight event, the team at Solutions Review has partnered with Amplitude to learn how to apply insights into product-led growth workflows and how they interlace with marketing efforts.

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Solutions Review Launches The Thought Leader Project

The Thought Leader Project is a single initiative that brings the full power of Solutions Review‘s authority, reach, and distribution to help technology vendors build brands, enhance their reputation, and ultimately, reach their target market.

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