Tableau+: New Edition with Premium AI, Enterprise Capabilities and Premier Success

Kristin Adderson

At the Tableau Conference 2024 keynote, Tableau CEO Ryan Aytay spoke about the new wave of analytics: the consumerization of data. This shift is driven by business users demanding easier data experiences to help them make data-driven decisions. With Tableau, you can bring intuitive, contextual insights to everyone in your organization by lowering the entry barrier to AI-powered analytics with exciting innovations like Tableau Pulse and Einstein Copilot for Tableau.

The promise of AI-powered insights for everyone is exciting! However, every new opportunity brings its challenges. To deliver analytics to your entire organization, you need tools to extend secure access to data and trusted analytics to a larger, more complex, and often less data-savvy audience. Further, in the increasingly complicated analytics marketplace, finding the right platform and package to meet all your needs isn’t easy.

That’s why we created Tableau+. We’re excited to introduce you to the Tableau+ package, its value and features, and help you get started with Tableau’s newest offering.

What is Tableau+?

Tableau+ is a new premium Tableau Cloud offering. It simplifies the analytics journey with a comprehensive package tailored for wall-to-wall adoption of self-service, AI-powered analytics. Tableau+ includes premium AI features to increase the efficiency and productivity of analysts and business users alike; admin capabilities to help you effectively manage larger and more complex deployments; and a success plan to ensure your team has the support needed to grow your data culture and drive ROI. Plus (pun intended!), the package streamlines purchasing by consolidating enterprise management capabilities and support services, which eliminates the need for multiple contracts and pricing models—and saves you time and money.

What’s included in Tableau+?

Tableau+ includes new features, like Einstein Copilot for Tableau. It also bundles the best of our enterprise-grade capabilities like Advanced Management and Data Management, and our Premier Success package to accelerate the success of your data culture.

Tableau+ includes:

  • Einstein Copilot for Tableau (only in Tableau+): Get an intelligent assistant that helps make Tableau easier and analysts more efficient across the platform:
    • In Tableau Prep (coming in 2024.2): Automate formula creation and speed up data preparation.
    • In Tableau Catalog (coming in 2024.2): Streamline documentation of data sources, workbooks, dashboards, and other content.
  • Data Cloud (new): Get started with Data Cloud to unify enterprise data, harness the power of metadata, and drive AI results from data.
  • Einstein (AI) Request credits (new): Get started with generative AI use cases in Tableau Cloud. For more information about these credits, and how they are used and consumed, check out this help article.
  • Advanced ManagementManage, secure, and scale mission-critical Tableau deployments.
  • Data ManagementEnhance data governance and security while simplifying data discovery and connectivity.
  • Data Connect (new): Seamlessly access data across on-premises and private cloud environments in Tableau Cloud. Tableau+ includes a single node of Data Connect.
  • Premier Success (new): Get more value out of Tableau with a proven way to fast-track success with resources, expert guidance, and expedited support at every stage of your journey.
  • eLearning for Creators and Explorers: Empower users to build analytics skills from anywhere, anytime with self-paced eLearning as teams master Tableau.

What’s coming to Tableau+?

This is just the beginning. We’re already working to introduce even more premium features to Tableau+. These enhancements will make extending your analytics deployment to more teams and geographies more efficient, and leverage generative AI to make Tableau even easier to use.

  • Tableau Cloud Manager with up to 50 sites (increased site limit only in Tableau+): Create and manage Tableau sites and centrally manage Tableau Cloud licenses, users, and permissions across sites with a single administration tool.
  • Einstein Copilot for Tableau – Authoring (only in Tableau+): Get an intelligent assistant that accelerates time to insight with automated data analysis.
  • Premium Pulse features (only in Tableau+): Enjoy future premium Tableau Pulse functionality only available in Tableau+, including Dynamic Sorting & Grouping, Pulse Q&A – Ask for related Metrics, Metrics Goals, Digest Cadence, and AI-enhanced language.

Please note that the Tableau+ roadmap and planned inclusions are subject to Salesforce’s forward-looking statement and may change. Please make purchasing decisions on currently available products and features.

How to get started with Tableau+

If you are serious about using generative AI to bring insights to everyone in your organization, regardless of where they work, what they do, and how they want their insights, contact us to learn more about Tableau+ today. 

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Author: Noel Carter, Evan Slotnick