What to Know About Tableau Cloud Migration to Hyperforce

Spencer Czapiewski

In the rapidly evolving world of cloud computing, Salesforce’s Hyperforce platform has emerged as a groundbreaking platform, redefining scalability, security, and compliance across the globe.

To meet customer demand for more robust, secure, and scalable cloud analytics solutions, Tableau Cloud is moving to Hyperforce in the second half of 2024. We’ll introduce you to Hyperforce, explain the benefits you get with Tableau Cloud on Hyperforce, and share how to learn more.

What’s Hyperforce?

Hyperforce is Salesforce’s next-generation infrastructure architecture designed specifically for the public cloud. It represents a significant leap in cloud technology, enabling applications to deliver enhanced performance and security. The architecture of Hyperforce is built on a foundation of code rather than hardware, which allows for seamless deployment across global regions. This flexibility ensures that customers can manage data residency and compliance more effectively to adhere to local regulations.

How Tableau Cloud on Hyperforce enables greater scalability, security, and compliance

With Tableau Cloud on Hyperforce, Tableau Cloud customers will see immediate benefits while getting the same user experience and functionality as before. ​​So, what changes with Tableau Cloud on Hyperforce? Everything… and nothing! The next-gen, world-class platform enhances Tableau Cloud’s scalability and security while the product remains the same!

In early 2024, data.world, a Tableau Partner, volunteered to be the first user of Tableau Cloud on Hyperforce and saw firsthand that it’s still the Tableau Cloud they know and love!

It was a pleasure to work with Salesforce to be the first to use Tableau Cloud on Hyperforce. As promised, the experience was seamless. Hyperforce delivered the reliability, performance, and uptime that met and even exceeded our expectations.

On Hyperforce, Tableau Cloud customers get:

  • 100% feature parity: Everything you love about the Tableau Cloud product is the same on Hyperforce.
  • 100% compliance parity: Tableau Cloud on Hyperforce provides the same compliance certifications as Tableau Cloud before the Hyperforce migration. Additionally, the Hyperforce platform supports many additional compliance certifications, like PCI-DSS and IRAP, and allows Tableau Cloud to obtain those certifications and others quicker than before!
  • Improved resiliency: With Hyperforce, all Tableau Cloud regions have three availability zones to offer higher levels of resilience in the case of a public cloud outage.
  • Regional expansion: Tableau Cloud will be available on the Hyperforce Germany region, the most requested European region. And we’re excited to expand Tableau Cloud’s global presence by offering the Singapore region later in 2024.

Beyond regional expansion and new compliance certifications, the Hyperforce platform enables us to leverage existing Salesforce innovations and integrations to innovate faster—a great example is Tableau Cloud Private Connect. Using existing integrations between the Hyperforce platform and popular cloud data warehouses and data lakes, Tableau Cloud Private Connect enables customers to easily connect directly to public cloud data from Tableau Cloud via a private connection, offering a higher level of data transit security.

We’re excited that Hyperforce is the new home to Tableau Cloud, providing unparalleled scalability, security, and compliance capabilities. The increased regional availability and compliance standards of Hyperforce will allow more organizations globally to use Tableau Cloud. Additionally, the flexibility of the Hyperforce platform unlocks a faster pace of innovation so we can bring you more AI-powered analytics innovations.

Learn more about the migration of Tableau Cloud to Hyperforce

To learn more about Salesforce’s Hyperforce platform and Tableau Cloud’s migration to Hyperforce, check out the Hyperforce FAQ and the Tableau Cloud Hyperforce Migration article.

To dive even deeper, head to Salesforce+ to watch the Hyper Secure and Scalable: Tableau Cloud on Hyperforce session from Tableau Conference 2024.

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Author: Noel Carter, Sumeet Gupta